NLP Swish Pattern Technique

How To Apply The NLP Swish Pattern Technique For Immediate Inner Change

The NLP swish pattern technique is a very successful pattern to create immediate change. But it only works if one is ready to create desired change for self-growth to take place.

Many people attempt to change, but unless there is an actual process involved in the back end of the human mind, change can become a bit difficult to incorporate.

That is where the swish technique comes in handy. Changing behaviors may seem like we have to change, but not with this pattern. It’s straightforward yet effective, but also minimally invasive in your day to day living. 

This technique can be used to replace embarrassing situations of the past with a more positive replacement.  It can also be used to be rid of emotional attachments as well as help you regain your power.

Not only that, but you can also take care of situations that may arise in the future, e.g., anxiety, panic, or fear.

How does it work?

The real beauty of this technique comes from the fact that you don’t have to struggle with negative thoughts. There’s no need to fight with them either.

Because you are using the swish technique to take your thinking to a new direction, you are teaching your brain how to respond to an old negative thought.

Below we will discuss how the pattern is applied. But just so you know, this pattern does work for many people, although there are few people who it may not work for. It is not a one size fits all version.

It’s okay, though. I have many other patterns/techniques which I will be sharing with you on my blog. Come back often to check them out, who knows what kind of change you may bring into your life.

This method is most successful with where you have fear, nervousness, low self-confidence, anxiety, and low self-esteem issues.

How To Apply The NLP Swish Pattern Technique

To put this technique into motion, you will require three pieces. The only thing that you need to remember is to use this pattern only on thoughts that do not require practical action.

  • The unwanted thought that triggers the negative emotion
  • The negative feeling this thought evokes
  • What positive thinking would you like to replace this negative thought with

Now that you have the three pieces ready, you are now ready to put this into action. But before we go any further, take a read through the submodalities so you will be able to create the right feelings to go with the NLP swish pattern technique.

Create The Negative State

What you will need to do now is trigger the unwanted thought, which goes on to create an unwelcome feeling.create a negative state

To trigger this, you may need to recall a time where this negative feeling popped up, which caused some anxiety in you.

It could be a time when you were younger, where you were asked to publicly speak in front of your class or a situation where something occurred to cause you embarrassment.

If you cannot recall a situation, then create one where you would experience such negative emotions.

Now focus inward and ask yourself what happens before this state begins?

What you might need to do is look at yourself through your own eyes immediately when the state is triggered.

Try to think of in terms of submodalities to get a thorough sense of what’s happening to you. This is what functions as a trigger for the un-resourceful circumstance.

Now create a picture in your mind of this state. Remember this picture as we will be using it later to be rid of it.

Create The Positive State

So here’s what we will do now. We will go on to create a positive state. This is what you want to happen when you’re in a situation where you may feel anxiety, fear, or you feel like running away.

You will need to think of the time where you felt like you were on top of the world. If you cannot think of a time like that, then create one in your mind.

Once again, focus on the submodalities of the situation around you. Notice what is creating that positive feeling in you.

It’s these resources that you’re going to use to create a positive picture of yourself.

Once again, remember this picture as well as the feelings associated with it, because you are going to be using this image very soon to become an integral part of you.

Now Swish to Create Your Better Outcome

What you will need to do now is find a quiet spot where you can focus for about 10 minutes without any interruption. You can sit, or you can lay down for this process. Whatever way makes you feel comfortable.create a good outcome

Now we are going to discuss how to run through the NLP swish pattern technique, which I know will impact your life for the positive.

You will need to be in the position which is most comfortable for you, and as you are taking a deep breath, while slowly exhaling close your eyes. Now in front of you, visualize the negative picture in full as well all the feelings that it triggers. Hold this image for five seconds.

Now in the right-hand corner stick in the postage stamp size image of the positive image you created, once again, make sure to include all the feelings into this picture. Hold on to this image for 10 seconds.

Keeping your eyes closed, recall the negative image until it fills the space in front like you are watching a movie at the theatre. The positive image needs to be inserted in there, but it needs to be the size of a postage stamp in the right-hand corner.

What you do now is swish the images. Simply say swish slowly, as you say this word notice that the negative image goes into the postage stamp size, while the positive image fills the entire space. Imagine hearing the sound whoosh as the images trade places.

Repeat The Swish Pattern At Least Two More Times

But before repeating the pattern, open your eyes to clear your mind entirely of the image.

You might even notice after repeating the pattern that the negative image is now getting harder and harder to recall. But I would like you to remember it as much as you can so we can be rid of it altogether.

After running through the pattern, test to make sure it’s working for you. Try recalling the negative situation you used to create a negative image. You might notice where it was automatically happening before; now, you may consciously have to recall it for it to come back.

Remember that you can use the NLP swish pattern technique to change behaviors any time you want. Some of my clients have even used it to quit smoking; it’s that effective.

EFT Fingertip Healing is another way you can make; have a look at some of the ebooks that are available on this site.

Let me know in me the comments below what your thoughts are on this technique as well if you require more explanation.


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14 thoughts on “How To Apply The NLP Swish Pattern Technique For Immediate Inner Change

  1. Thank you for explaining the NLP swish technique in an easy to understand manner.  I have often struggled with anxiety in social situations and NLP has helped me immensely.  Admittedly NLP did not come naturally to me but now that I have been practicing it I have seen huge improvements in my life.  My daughter also has anxiety and I am curious what is the youngest age a kid can benefit from learning NLP? 

  2. Thanks for sharing this very powerful tool in order to replace negative thoughts that aren’t serving you with positive thoughts that do help you! The swish method is a great way to utilize NLP and strong imagery of your desired state to break the chain of negative thought patterns. I appreciate the excellent instructions that are easy to follow (but that can produce really big personal results!!).

  3. I have never heard of this technique before but it does combine a few that I have heard, which is great! It truly is a huge “mind over matter” strategy and we are in complete control of our brain and what we choose to focus our attention on. 

    As you said, this may not be a one size fits all technique, but the majority should be able to benefits in some way or another. Choosing to take a negative thought and replace it with a positive one seems very obvious and simple, but coming from someone who suffers from anxiety and chronic worrying and stress, I can attest that it can be very challenging. 

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are right it can be challenging, but if you are ready for the change then meeting the challenge can be an accomplishment on its own. 

  4. Hello Jagi, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I definitely need to use this technique as I really need inner change. I also saw you wrote it helped some folks to quit smoking, it is a big plus and I hope it will help me also with that. I can recommend this to my sister-in-law, she would benefit from it just like me. Thank you for sharing such useful tips on improving ourselves.

  5. Thanks for this enlightening topic. This technique looks like the ideal for stressful people. Really, some specific events in the business have lately aggravated me, resulting in negative thoughts about them. But the positive thinking technique that will eliminate my negative made an impression so I found your article creative and helpful.

  6. This is a technique I haven’t heard about before even though I read a lot of self help books. Interesting name. Swish almost sounds like a dance or movement. 

    Thank you for explaining this technique so well and I am definitely going to try and put what I have read into practice. It does require some effort and concentration though so I am guessing you need a quiet place and a heap of time to concentrate on this technique properly. 

  7. Thanks very much for this wonderful article admin because with it I have got to know what the NLP swish pattern technique is all about and what it does to human life of thinking so since I have been a victim of anxiety and due to anxiety I have been panicking but I have got to know how to apply this technique thanks very much in advance 

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